Never Been Kissed: Music From The Motion Picture
Never Been Kissed: Music From The Motion Picture (JUGEMレビュー »)
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銀河鉄道の夜 (JUGEMレビュー »)

Miyazawa Kenji's story about a boy who tries to befriend a classmate and finally has deep conversations with him in the spirit world just before death. It's a great story. Haruomi Hosono's music adds vivid imagery.
古代占星術リリス―太古の記憶の封印を解く (JUGEMレビュー »)
霜月 マイア
Apple iPod shuffle 1GB M9725J/A
Apple iPod shuffle 1GB M9725J/A (JUGEMレビュー »)

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New York Cosmopolitan

Even though it’s a weekday and not a drinking night for me I accepted my daughter’s offer of making me a New York Cosmopolitan cocktail. This drink usually contains vodka, triple sec and cranberry juice. But since we had no triple sec she used coitreau

I must the taste is quite good and has just a tinge of a spike. I shall enjoy it as I finish writing this entry.

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12 Angry Men
 I watched the remake of “12 Angry Men” the other night. I think this is a brilliant movie. No special effects, no spectacular settings just 12 guys in one room. This goes to show how the good movies of the past must have strong story content. I remember renting the original black and white “12 Angry Men” with Henry Fonda a long time ago and how I thought it was a good movie. The other night I was ready to go to bed when at 1:30 the movie came on and just started watching and couldn’t stop. I ended up going to bed at 3:30 a.m. If you get a chance you should check out “12 Angry Men”.
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Terri Lynne Carrington
Terri Lynne Carrington will be playing at the Blue Note next month. She’s quite an excellent jazz drummer. I can remember her when she was about 9 nine years old. She is from Boston and she studied with the renowned jazz drum instructor Alan Dawson. Anyways during my college days I would often go to a club in Boston called the Jazz Workshop to see the top jazz players. Now and then 9 year old Terri Lynne would sit in (play drums ) on a song or two with the top players. Of course she sounded like a nine year old then but most people knew that she would turn out to be a great player. She has played with so many jazz greats of yesterday and today. She is worth checking out.
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The Queen
Right now a movie called “The Queen” is on TV. In the movie there are real scenes of Diana. Watching these made me think of her character. For some reason she seemed to be have humanitarian qualities. Of course this is just the image I got from seeing her on TV and magazines and what not. I still have suspicions about whether the Royal family had her done away with. It just seems so fishy that she died in a car accident. I’m sure she had skilled drivers to take her wherever she went. But this crash was so devastating. The car was completely mangled. Oh well, I guess we’ll never know.
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It’s time to announce the next party. Here is the info:

date: Sat. June 27th
time: 6:30-7:30
place: Kin no Tsubo (1 minute from Yoga station on Denetoshi line)
cost: ¥3500 (includes your choice of nomi hodai or 1 plate of food) (nomi hodai begins at 7:30)

So I'd love to have you. Let me know if you can come. Friends are welcome.

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My garden

The green peppers have sprouted in my roof balcony vegetable garden. Right now they’re only about 4 centimeters long. They look healthy though. Cucumbers are only about 1 centimeter still. They need more hot weather to grow. I hope the eggplants are bigger than last year. They should be because the pot they’re in is much bigger. We’ve been eating a lot of the baby lettuce for the past couple of months. There is still no sign of the tomatoes or the broccoli. I’ll keep you posted on the progress of this year’s crop yield as the summer goes by.
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Robert Cray
Tonight in “The Daily Yomiuri I read that Robert Cray is coming to town. It’s worth seeing if you’re into blues music. Robert is a little different from ordinary blues players though. I like to call his music sophisticated blues. The songs have a little different structure than the typical BB King blues style. The songs are really nice and he sings them well. He’ll be playing this Sunday afternoon at the Hibiya outdoor theater. If you’re a blues fan you should check him out.
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I've been doing a lot of movies with my students as of late. I’ve been pretty good feedback from them as well. With one student we’re just finishing American Beauty,. That movie has so much swearing and talk about sex. But my student likes to hear how American people use slang. Today we had dialog like this:

ANGELA: Jane, you'd be out of your mind to go with him.
JANE: Why do you even care?
ANGELA: Because you're my friend!
RICKY: She's not your friend. She's somebody you use to feel better about yourself.
ANGELA: Go fuck yourself, psycho!
JANE: You shut up, bitch!
ANGELA: Jane! He is a freak!
JANE: Well, then so am I! And we'll always be freaks and we'll never be like other people. And you'll never be a freak because you're just too perfect.

So why don’t you try using movies or learning from movies to learn.
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